March Budget

2016 is a leap year and February felt especially long and I was dead broke by the end of the month luckily my family was kind enough to treat me and help me with some shopping.

During March I will be travelling for business so I will take that opportunity to do some careful shopping of things that I need which are mostly cloths and shoes for my son – not too much only what is not available here at the second hand markets. For myself – skincare, books and a few work cloths and fabric to make work cloths. Optional is workout gear and paints. I have budgeted about 71,000 for any shopping.

Otherwise, I will try and skimp and go below budget on a few areas like transport – I am not sure if there is a plan to travel for Easter but for the sake of planning, I will not include it and if we do travel then it will come out of the April budget. I have done a budget and I will compare how I do against this budget though maybe its not necessary to publish it here.

Happy savings!

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1 Response to March Budget

  1. masilamunyao says:

    haha, that’s trying to be a miser i think, anyway cutting down the budget is a discipline many middle and low income individual should practice.

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