Creativity and Wealth

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

Creativity – ingenuity and a boundless imagination that is constantly coming up with original ideas and seeing the world through a different lens – how does this skill come into play when talking about wealth creation? I actually think its an important and often overlooked skill that can play an important part in gaining financial independence.

One benefit of trying to save money, spending less and living more frugally is that you will develop other very crucial skills such as resourcefulness and creativity. When your trying not to spend or waste money you are forced to come up with your own solutions to problems rather than just simply throwing money at it.You might for example, make or re-purpose your own cloths, bake your own cakes, garden, landscape, the possibilities are simply endless and can lead to new business ideas.

Creativity is an important skill when it comes to entrepreneurship, and some say that creativity is an even bigger predictor of success than intelligence and I tend to agree with this notion. I believe that you have to practice being creative and that anyone can become good at this with enough experience. Starting my business is a good platform for me to get this experience even though I am still going very very slowly.

I guess what I am trying to achieve and document on this blog is something that sounds almost impossible even to me sometimes. To attain financial independence within a short amount of time through a modest salary and some ingenuity (the creativity bit). Without a large inheritance, corruption or super large salary. I hope that towards the end of this year I will be certain that this is indeed possible.


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