Wealth flows from energy and ideas” William Feather

During this month of January, for the first time in a long time, my money lasted comfortably to the end of the month. Usually, I will find myself flat broke during the last week on the month to the point that I need to borrow like about 10K or so.

What did I do differently? Well it was mainly how much I spent on grocery shopping that changed – remember that I was undertaking a challenge to reduce the total spending on groceries (that is food and cleaning products) to 50K or below? Well I was successful in that regard and mainly it was through focusing on buying only what was necessary and avoiding trying to experiment too much with different recipes. My wastage in the kitchen, I am sure was much less that usual. The only thing is that toward the end on the month I was craving something sweet so I indulged and bought a few chocolates.

My grocery spending came in at 43,000 leaving me with 7,000 to spare. So I think that I will set the February target to 57,000 and that is because I had a party at the beginning on the month and whenever you have a party of course you have to spend allot on food. Therefore I anticipate that I will need a higher budget for February.

I was not able to save much this month because we went away to the coast for the new year, so what I would have saved I spent on the holiday. However, it was totally worth it, life is about balance and I dont believe in being miserable for the sake of money. The alternative of staying home would have been beyond depressing and not a good way to start a new year.

My challenge for next month, Fantastic February rather will be to write 6 blog posts. I have already written one which is this one.



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