Find three hobbies you love, one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative. Unknown to me

During the month of December, I am happy with the amount of money that I managed to save or rather invest. Although I did not do quite as well as I had hoped. I had wanted to have enough money to go on holiday for the new year but I had to do that on January’s money. December naturally is a month where we tend to spend quite allot because of the holiday season and it was no different for me as I spent more than usual on eating out and transport. I think its ok to relax a bit and let you hair down during the last month of the year…

The money spent on household bills was allot because I paid salaries in advance including Christmas bonuses. The spending on food was out of control this month, as I spent 83,000. Firstly it has become more expensive for me because I am not getting any help with the shopping but I think I also was shopping too frequently. In January though my challenge was to reduce this spending to 50,000, which I am happy to say I succeeded at.

I am also really happy with the fact that I was able to reflect back on the year that past, make plans for 2016 and set my resolutions really early. Usually, the old me would have been making vague resolutions during the new year and not in the old year. I really feel different in a good way.

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