In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable” Robert Arnott

During the month of November, I spent quite allot of money and much more than I had planned to. First there were a couple of large unusual spending items like I had to renew my 3 month gym membership, then we went away for a weekend which cost almost 30,000 shillings but it was fun and worth it plus I also had to pay for freight for some goods I bought in the UK and lastly I also had to pay for vaccinations for my son which were quite expensive but good news is that we are done with vaccinations, so for next year I will not have to spend on vaccinations.

The spending on groceries was what was totally out of control in November and I spent almost 60,000 shillings!! I have been trying to reduce my grocery spending for a while now and my plans keep backfiring as the spending only seems to get worse.

So I am thinking that the first financial challenge of 2016 should be to tackle my grocery expense head on and reduce it to 50,000 total on food stuffs as well as cleaning products for the house. That will be a savings of 10,000 compared to the month of November. I will do this mainly by reducing the number of items that I buy so I will not buy the following items during the month of January: Quinoa, dried banana chips, cheese, dates, olive oil, ice-cream, chewing gum, juice, peanut butter, butter, imported high value produce or pastries. I will also try to reduce wastage by buying less food at one go so that I avoid overestimating the amount of food that I require.


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