All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney

During the month of September, I did not save any money because I went on holiday to the coast for one week. I also spent the money that I should have saved for last month, which is because I don’t have a dedicated savings account for holidays or emergencies. At least though, I did not pay for anything on credit and my net worth was increasing because I was paying my credit card bills and also making a small savings contribution to an investment plan.

Food wise – my expenses were high again at 43,000. I did buy gas this month and maybe had to shop a little more for preparation to travel. Otherwise nothing at all unusual or interesting to write about.

There was no dividend income earned this month and in terms of net worth it probably remained stable as I did not make any major additions to my investments and my debt probably went down a little. I expect that at the beginning of next month (November) my net worth will be zero or a little bit positive meaning that my savings will be about equal to my credit card debt. Finally having positive net worth finally is a big milestone for me.

In terms of African Equity markets last month, the sell off in emerging and frontier markets abated with prices and currencies remaining relatively stable. I have been trying to rack my mind on how does one make money in our high interest rate environment since interest rates in Kenya currently sit above 20%. In developed economies with interest rates sitting at around 0%, its clear you can use leverage to increase your wealth through investing in real estate. I have an idea I want to experiment and it involves the equity markets – if it works then I will write about it.

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