The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” –Anonymous

During the month of August, I did not put away any money into saving because I had a couple of large expenses; gym membership for three months and I also paid for my final CFA exam which was later refunded to me by my company at the end of the month. Were it not for this I could have saved allot of money.

In August, I treated myself to some gym cloths as well as  some practical flat shoes for the office, this was a reward for passing my Chartered Financial Analyst exam. My grocery spending was much better in August compared to July as I reduced the spending from 54,000 to 34,000! I also spent 20,000 for logo work for the business that I am starting. Below is a summary of where I spent my grocery money:


Dividend Income: In August I earned 2,993 shillings in dividends from an insurance company that I hold – next year I expect the amount to go up maybe 20% though I should also aim to buy more shares to improve the dividend income. I have this rough target of trying to own 100,000 shares in any company that I own – that would give me a dividend close to 100,000 shillings which is a meaningful amount.

Net worth: Not a very big improvement in my net worth position this month- though an improvement non-the-less because I did not borrow and there was a small reduction in debt from my usual credit card payment. My shares also did not move much this month as August was another difficult month for African stock markets as well as currencies.

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