You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy. Its that  simple” – Warren Buffett

So how did I do in July with regards to expenditure? I managed to save a decent amount of money this month (in cash) before spending, I also did track my expenses much more closely. My expenses on transport/taxi was about 18,000 which I think should be my budgeted amount going forward, since my movements were quite normal. On groceries I spent allot of money, I cant even believe how much I spent, about 54,000 while on baby products I spent about 21,000. That’s 75,000 total!!!! So I clearly failed to keep my grocery spend below 40,000 for the month. It gets even worse because there is an additional 6,000 that I did not record, which I gave to someone to do shopping on my behalf.

JULY 2015

Compared to the previous month, I went a bit wild in July with grocery spending to the point that I am actually very surprised. I have no good explanation for this, its not like we ate any better this month.

Dividend Income: In July I earned almost 7,000 in dividends from two companies which was great because it basically paid my monthly contribution to my investment policy. Hopefully by next year, the dividend income will be a bit more substantial, this will only happen if I reinvest in equities towards the end of the year.

Net Worth: The current conditions of the market are not very good for my net worth, this is because the value of equities in Kenya are declining because of general risk -off sentiment as well as the weakness in the local currency. My debt also is in foreign currency which gets bigger due to the weakness of the shilling. Not very good times, but by end of the year, I should be strongly in positive territory.

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