Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.” –Jack Benny

During the month of July, I will be living off a fairly tight budget as I need to save and also pay off some personal debts to my sister and also to my taxi driver. This year I have done a very good job at saving money by paying myself first and only leaving the money that I have budgeted to spend as available. One day I hope to have the discipline to stick to a budget without having to “force” myself.

My grocery spend is they highest spending category and one where I can squeeze out the most cash. So this will be my focus for the month, where my goal is to spend not more than 40,000 for the entire household which consists of 5 people.

I will focus allot on trying to reduce wastage and I will also do my vegetable shopping in the informal markets – specifically toi market as that is close to where I live. It will be interesting to compare prices at informal markets versus Zucchini. I will also account for my spending very closely because on most months even though I keep all receipts, I find that there are expenses that I miss because I did not get a receipt and I forgot about it.

Goals for July:

  1. Spend not more than 40,000 on groceries
  2. Account for my spending closely by updating my excel spread-sheet every few days
  3. Go and personally shop for fruits and vegetables at toi market at least twice in July
  4. Minimise wastage by going through my perishables every day to make sure we are consuming foods before they go bad
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