If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some” – Benjamin Franklin


Above, is the breakdown of my grocery expenditure by specific shop during the month of January. Maybe with time, I can find a much more appealing visual way to upload these numbers.

So in January I spent about 38,ooo on groceries mostly in Nakumatt where I spent 25,ooo.


Then above is the breakdown by specific items for the 15 largest item spends which make up 65% of all the money spent on groceries. Meat is not included here, because I was not the one who bought meat this month. Then you can see some one-off items like the Brabantia canisters as well as a large plastic storage container also diapers should not be included since that belongs to the baby category.

I think that my spending was reasonable this month I cant really think of specific improvements that I can make – lets just see how next month goes.

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