A penny saved, is a penny earned” Benjamin Franklin


From now on, I will start reporting on any extra income earned outside of my salary because this is an area I want to grow. In the month of January I earned zero extra income.

This month I invested in the equity markets and I also paid a little money on my credit card to start the process of slowly reducing my credit card balance. One line item that I want to reduce this year is the debt servicing – if I did not have any debt, I would have allot of extra money to save (or spend).

The Miscellaneous category was high this month because I sent some goods from London and I had to make a large payment for the freight charges. This year I will not be sending things from London as often as I did last year unless I overachieve on my savings targets.

As January is a new start for me – I will not compare this month to last year, instead I will try to do better in February.  The amount I spent on food this month was quite reasonable at 38,000.

For February, I don’t think I will be saving much because I am paying for my gym membership but I hope that I will manage to at least save something. In January I did spend less then I made so that’s why I was able to pay a little on my credit card as well as invest in the equity markets.

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